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Gellack X103 New years eve 8 ml

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The new, light pigmented LaQ X gel polish range not only takes colors to the next level, but also introduces a new and improved gel polish bottle with the X-Brush that is ideal for the Russian “dry brush” technique. What is so special about this?

Pop-off color display on the bottle cap: You can showcase the true color in the pop-off display, so it is easy to locate colors in your collection when you open your drawer.

  • Non-slip, matte bottle cap: The non-slip cap guarantees a better grip for your convenience.
  • X-Brush: Precision cut bristles fan out perfectly to allow for a convenient application of nail polish.
  • New bottle design: An elegant design with a wider shape for a more convenient grip.

Our newly developed product goes hand in hand with a special method of application. The Russian “dry brush” technique gives you a quick and easy, cost-effective way to use our LaQ X lacgels. Learn the finest movements of this special method in our soon to be available LaQ X technical workshops, so you can work accurately with extremely pigmented colors in a time-saving manner.


Self-leveling gel polish with a creamy consistency, a crossover between color gel and nail polish. It remains free of scratches, and there is no chipping or flaking for up to 3-4 weeks. Ideal for manicure, pedicure, full color on nail enhancements, and nail art. This gel polish requires a base and a top gel.

  • Consistency: medium thick (3/5)
  • Flexibility: flexible (2/5)
  • Solubility: none (1/5)
  • Cure time: 2-3 minutes in UV, 30-60 seconds in UV/LED
  • After-cure surface/cleansing: The surface has a sticky layer after curing.
  • After-cure surface/shine: The surface is matte after cleansing. (Application of top gel is needed)
  • Removal: file off


  1. Prep the nails: Push back the cuticle, scrape off the tethered skin, shape the nails, and remove the surface shine with a fine buffer.
  2. Clean the nails/Apply nail prep products: Clean the nails, then apply Perfect Prep for degreasing and dehydration.
  3. Adhesion booster: (Optional step) For problematic nails, use our adhesion-booster liquid, Perfect Bond Primer for an even better adhesion. (After air-drying for 20 seconds, the nail surface remains sticky to help adhesion.) PLEASE NOTE: Although this step boosts adhesion for problematic nails, a longer time will be needed for soak-off/removal.
  4. Base gel: Creates a sticky layer, strengthens the natural nails, and prevents discoloration. Recommended as clear base gel: LacGel Base&Top / Bond Gel Vitamine+ / Hardener Gel / Elastic Hard Gel
  5. Cure: Cure time and method according to the description of the chosen base gel.
  6. Color: Apply an extra thin coat of the chosen LacGel LaQ X color, and take care to avoid skin contact. PLEASE NOTE: make sure to apply the product with an almost dry brush, in a very thin layer.
  7. Cure: We recommend curing each nail right after application, switching back and forth between the hands to make sure that the nail edges remain sealed.
  8. Top gel: Cure time and method according to the description of the chosen top gel. Recommended as top gel after gel polish application: LacGeL Base&Top / No Cleanse Top Shield / Flexi Top Gloss / Cool Shine Ever
  9. Cure: If your chosen top gel requires cleansing, make sure to cleanse the nails.


There are two options to enhance durability:

  • Using two types of base gel at the same time as follows: Bond Gel Vitamine+, cure, Hardener Gel or Elastic Hard Gel before applying the gel polish color.
  • For problematic nails, use Perfect Bond Primer after the application of Perfect Prep. Note that this makes soak-off difficult.


Remove the shine of the top gel with a 180 grit file, then apply a generous amount of acetone onto the cotton part of the Remover Wrap Foil, then place the Remover Wrap Foil onto the finger. Wait for a specified number of minutes, then remove the foil. After taking off the foil, use an orange wood stick or a pusher-scraper tool to push the loosened product off the nails. The soaked off product stays in the foil.


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